The Allstars forward wheeled away in celebration, having tucked the ball away and set off on a run, followed by his team mates. Up in the gallery, us parents looked at each other and grinned, eyes full of pride and emotion. The event was the Special Olympics in Cheltenham, and the […]

The power of three is a well-known technique for getting your message across. “Friends, Romans, countrymen…”, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”. For anyone wanting to denounce the polls they now have “Trump, Brexit, Tory Majority”. Donald Trump’s unexpected win followed failed polling predictions on both Brexit and the 2015 general election, leaving […]

I’m standing in front of a group of ten 60- to 80-year olds gathered in a small church hall in Kew. They’d all signed up to something called ‘participatory research training’ as part of a project on loneliness we undertook in partnership with the local Neighbourhood Association. Participatory research is […]

For those of us old enough to remember Tomorrow’s World (that includes most of the Chrysalis Research staff), the BBC show used to thrill us with glimpses of the future that barely seemed possible at the time. It was on Tomorrow’s World that I first saw a rather large portable telephone […]

The education pages make pretty grim reading at the moment with research suggesting that unhappy teachers are working too hard in overcrowded and crumbling schools; even Academies don’t seem to be working after all. Still, at least teachers can be happy that Michael Gove isn’t driving schools policy (from the front […]

Christmas comes but once a year – much like a blog on the Chrysalis Research website – and there’s no better time for reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future. This is just what we did yesterday at the Chrysalis Research awayday . It was a great […]

Written on August 20, 2013 by Tom It’s the holiday season again, or at least it was. This year we took off early for our family holiday. It felt great at the time but now we’re back there’s that slight nag that the summer’s gone and you’re counting the days […]

Written on August 5, 2013 by Tom We recently attended an event run by Green Mondays. At the heart of the discussion was the challenge of measuring the impact of the millions of pounds spent by companies on social programmes. We felt we had something to say about this based […]

Towards the end of last year we carried out a fascinating consultation with members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. The Society wanted to know how well its various communications channels were working and over 3,000 pharmacists took part in our online survey. We also held a series of face to […]