Tom Levesley

Tom Levesley began his career in 1990 as a primary school teacher. He has since worked as a researcher and policy advisor specialising in education and skills, including roles at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, the Home Office, the National Foundation for Education Research and the Institute for Employment Studies.

Tom has also worked for commercial research agencies on a range of projects for private and public sector clients. He has carried out large-scale evaluations of employment and skills initiatives qualifications reviews for government departments and agencies, and research into education programmes for commercial and public sector clients.

Tom has a particular interest in skills development, qualifications, learners’ progression, work-based learning, disengagement, and support systems for learners. At Chrysalis Research, he has led research about qualifications reform, customer perceptions and new products for awarding bodies, and also managed large-scale evaluations for Comic Relief and Sky.

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