Louise Duffy

Louise Duffy specialised in educational research at the start of her career in 2001, when she worked for the National Foundation for Educational Research. She has since worked for research organisations in both the public and private sector, and has developed an interest in health research.

While at the Public Health Department in Jersey, she used research to design evidence-based initiatives to tackle key public health priorities, including breastfeeding, smoking cessation in pregnancy, childhood obesity and increasing vaccine coverage.

At Chrysalis Research she has carried out various research projects for the Public Health department at the London Borough of Richmond. These include a community consultation to inform priorities for health improvement services, and peer research projects on smoking cessation amongst young people and improving access to sexual health services.

Louise’s combined experience in public health and research enables her to explore community needs and use the findings to advise clients on the types of interventions that could achieve the greatest impact.

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