Research in context

We work to meet your needs, blending primary qualitative and quantitative research, desk research, and dissemination and implementation skills

We will work closely with you to design a bespoke research approach that answers your specific questions. We often combine different approaches in one project – for example using qualitative and quantitative techniques alongside desk research. Find out more about the range of methods we use, when we use them and why.


Qualitative Research


We use qualitative techniques for projects that require in-depth understanding of people’s experiences, needs and behaviours. We also use them to identify good practice examples in the education, skills and health sectors.

Quantitive Research


We are experts in designing surveys, managing fieldwork and interpreting data. We go beyond top-line figures and work with data analysts to identify meaningful trends.

Participatory research


Peer research is a participatory, action-focused and empowering research technique.

Desk Research


We believe that desk research and secondary analysis can be powerful tools, particularly when combined with primary research.

Dissemination & implementation


We can deliver a variety of outputs to meet your needs – a one page summary for an annual report, a powerpoint presentation for a board meeting, a face-to-face debrief for your steering group, or a detailed but accessible report for a general audience.

The Cocoon

Our Cocoon approach ensures our research is always grounded in key issues and developments – offering you a fully comprehensive picture to help you make decisions.

  • We always take a rounded approach. For example, when conducting research about young people, we also speak to policymakers, opinion formers, service providers, parents and youth workers so we can fully understand the context of our findings.
  • We draw on a range of methods: published research and “grey literature” to assess what’s already known; qualitative research with a range of audiences to provide deep insight; and quantitative methods to validate findings and provide a strong evidence base.
  • Our expertise and specialist knowledge means we understand our clients’ markets, the policy context and target audiences so we can quickly grasp the way that strategies might impact.
  • The Cocoon helps us make sense of complex issues and provide clear direction for clients.