How we work

Our sector knowledge and expertise is what makes Chrysalis Research special

We undertake detailed research about complex issues but always ensure that we make practical recommendations supported by clearly explained evidence.

A collaborative approach


We work in partnership with clients to ensure our research meets your needs and creates momentum for the next stage of development.

We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with clients and stakeholders to fully immerse ourselves in your particular sector and the strategic challenges you face.

We can work with you on long-term evaluations or quick turnaround, time-pressured projects.

An expert team


A dedicated team of hands-on senior researchers will work with you at all stages of the project. We build our teams for each project to make sure the researchers have the right experience and the right skillset for the job. Where necessary, we bring in experts with key specialisms from our network of trusted partners.

We are all approachable and highly responsive, ensuring you get the most from our experience and skills.

Sector understanding


Context is vital, and this belief guides our approach. Research that takes place in a vacuum, away from related issues and developments, is not a strong basis for taking decisions.

Our highly informed approach provides you with clear, focused research design and strong, relevant insights. Our clients value our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the education, skills and health sectors and their users and audience.

Find out more about our Cocoon approach to understanding the entire context of your research project.

Research into practice


We work hard to identify exactly what you need from the research so that the output works for you – for example to inform a debate, help develop new strategies, support practitioners or highlight achievements.

We are experienced in using research to support strategic planning and review and offer impartial advice to support programme implementation and evaluation strategies.

We are also able to draw on in-house expertise to produce publication-ready reports and help you with implementation planning.

Using the best methods


One of our strengths is our ability to interpret different types of research evidence to provide key insights and recommendations.

We combine desk research with a wide range of qualitative and quantitative primary research, using online, telephone and face-to-face approaches. We choose the approach according to the demands of your project, the subject we’re exploring and the people we need to reach.