Samsung’s European Corporate Citizenship programme focuses on digital education and employability through two core programmes:

  • Smart Classroom: Samsung has opened over 600 Smart Classrooms across more than 20 countries in Europe – directly engaging almost 100,000 students aged 6 to 16 years old in schools, hospitals and museums. Smart Classrooms provide access to technology and digital content. Samsung also provides opportunities for teacher training to support the Smart Classroom programme.
  • Digital Academies: Samsung provide training and employability courses to 16 to 24 year olds across Europe to help address the digital skills gap. 6,000 young people have attended courses through 48 Digital Academy initiatives since 2013.

Chrysalis Research worked closely with Samsung in 2013 to develop an evaluation framework to capture and measure programme outcomes of Smart Classroom and Digital Academies. This resulted in an evaluation toolkit that is used by local subsidiaries to evaluate the impact of their programme with students and teachers. For the last two years we have analysed the data collected by the subsidiaries and helped Samsung report on the impact of its Corporate Citizenship progamme at European level. We also reviewed the framework and toolkit each year to identify areas for improvement.