We worked on behalf of the public health department at the London Borough or Richmond upon Thames to evaluate one of its flagship prevention services. This included monitoring data analysis and interviews with those delivering the service, as well as service users and non-users. The aim of the evaluation was to review current service operation, evaluate the ‘customer’ experience, review contract performance and monitoring procedures and generate recommendations for future service delivery. The outcomes of the evaluation demonstrated which aspects of the service were effective and which required improvement. The recommendations were used to develop new Key Performance Indicators and processes, as well as improve delivery for staff and individuals using the service.

More recently we have worked with the department to support the development of its loneliness and isolation strategy, which has been set as a priority in the Council’s joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. This involved an asset based approach by mapping assets with key influencers, stakeholders and organisations and participatory research with residents. The participatory research approach has given an opportunity for residents to become involved in a project within their local community and tackle the problem locally. This project has led to further peer research training with older residents in Kew, a smaller area in Richmond. Our ongoing involvement in the topic of loneliness and isolation has helped Richmond to ensure that the issue remains a priority and sustains momentum.