In 2015, AHDB Potatoes, a division of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board, commissioned Chrysalis Research to carry out research into their in-school programme Cook Your Own Potatoes (CYOP). CYOP is a website designed to support Key Stage 3 Food Technology. It provides resources for teachers to cover healthy eating and the role the potato plays in a healthy balanced diet. It contains an extensive resource bank of recipes, images, videos, lesson activities and much more.

The research was conducted to explore how and why teachers used the site, and to understand its potential with non-users. We asked teachers and students about the strengths and weaknesses of the resources, and the learning outcomes for those who had used CYOP. We also looked at whether and how CYOP could be extended for use in further and higher education.

We carried out qualitative research face-to-face in schools and colleges, as well as online and by phone. Our recommendations directly informed the design brief for the update to the site and the role it could play for older age groups.