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Towards the end of last year we carried out a fascinating consultation with members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. The Society wanted to know how well its various communications channels were working and over 3,000 pharmacists took part in our online survey. We also held a series of face to face and online groups.

Last month the fruits of our labour were published in the Pharmaceutical Journal. Not only did this give members very direct feedback about the research, it also highlighted a number of changes that had been made as a result of the research. While it’s always nice to get your name in print, it was particularly satisfying for us – and hopefully for research participants – to see that the research was bringing about change so quickly.

We did a great deal of dissemination – presenting to three different groups of RPS staff, including the executive board and the publishing team, and ran our very first webinar to deliver the presentation to the UK board. We always encourage clients to share as much of the research as they can with participants and staff, so hats off to RPS for feeding back so quickly and fully.


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